Construction Sweeping

Construction Sweeping

Street sweeping is important to our communities, neighborhoods, cities and states. Clean streets and surfaces are vital to air quality, water quality and overall community health and safety.

Sea Tac Sweeping does general maintenance sweeping, which happens on a regular schedule in most cities we work with. Generally, this means our sweepers pick up common gutter debris, half of which is within about six inches from the gutter into the street. Most material we pick up is light, including sand, dirt, sticks, grass and small litter.

Sea Tac Sweeping also does commercial construction work on projects that last several months to several years, including the SR 520 and I-90 2 Way Transit jobs. We have the most qualified commercial drivers on site ready to clean up any construction debris necessary to accomplish an inspection ready construction site and to trail heavy equipment vehicles, such as dump trucks, to ensure all loose debris is removed from the surfaces.

The most common equipment we use isĀ Regenerative Air (vacuum) Sweepers, Broom Sweeper Trucks and Water Trucks.


street sweeperRegenerative air sweepers are our most sought after trucks. These trucks lift the material into a debris body or hopper with air. Regenerative air sweepers use both pressurized air and vacuum air to move material off the surface and into the debris body or hopper. They pick up debris by means of vacuum and blasted air.

We also use Broom Sweeper Trucks. Mechanical, or broom sweepers, utilize a main broom for picking up debris, which is then sent to a conveyor and ultimately lands in a debris body, or hopper.

Water trucks are also an important part of our fleet. They can be used for a variety of services from dust control on construction sites to filling up swimming pools, and everything in between. We have tankers that range from 800 gallons to 2500 gallons in capacity.

Residential construction sites where contractors are building residential developments are also a specialty of ours. Sweeping the site keepsĀ it clean and complies with local regulations.

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